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Antler Oasis

How did this cabin come to be you ask? Well, I will tell you the long ironic story. My fiancé, now husband and I were searching for a wedding venue, after our original venue closed abruptly. We were scrambling- well I was scrambling trying to find another venue in the St. Croix Falls area as our SAVE THE DATES had already been sent to our guests. As a bargaining tool, Mark agreed to look at some alternative wedding venues in the area, only IF we could go look at some land on Antler Lake. Begrudgingly I agreed and off we went. Of course I fell in love with the Dancing Dragonfly Winery the moment we drove up. I said this is it!! Mark on the other hand said that we needed some time to think about it, since it was completely out of our price range- but the moment I stepped inside the beautiful winery and did some taste testing, I knew that’s where I wanted to get married.

I truly believe everything happens for reason and it was a blessing in disguise that our previous venue had closed. After we toured the venue, as promised Mark and I drove around Antler Lake. At first I’m sitting in the passenger seat saying, “um…where’s the lake.” You have to remember it was winter and everything was snow covered. He pulled the car over after he found the For Sale sign and we walked to the top of this hill (without any winter boots on- mind you) only to see a tiny red cabin at the bottom of the hill. I remember vividly Mark saying “Court wouldn’t it be amazing if we could own that.” I remember vividly saying “hmmmm…yeah I guess that would be” not really giving it much more thought.

It wasn’t until a few months later that same little red cabin went up for sale much to our surprise, and Mark immediately scheduled a showing. It was a long, grueling process, but it was the best thing we could have done. After a complete remodel/ gut job, thoughts of completing giving up at times, some tears, and tremendous help and support from our family, we were able to make it into what it is today.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Who knew this little cabin would bring so much joy and fun for us girls, although let’s admit it we do (sometimes) need some help from the men. It was the 2nd summer we had owned the cabin and it wasn’t even fully complete yet- but Mark and I raced to get the carpet installed. I’m good at setting deadlines and Mark works better when he cuts it to the wire. Needless to say, we do work well together as a team when we want too or need to. We had several girls coming up to the cabin for my sister-in-law’s wedding shower and boy did we have FUN. We had just purchased our very first boat. A 24’ older pontoon that could hold us all comfortably. We loaded it down with coolers, snacks and floaties and set sail. We nicknamed the boat “the grocery getter” for whatever reason, it was funny at the time. We spent the afternoon on the water and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. One of the many beautiful things about Antler Lake is when you jump in the water off the boat (in the middle of the lake) you can see your feet- that’s how clear it is.  As I previously mentioned- we did need a little help from the men, after the sewer system backed up- which we have since fixed. Lessons learned along the way! Ha! We all got dolled up and rented a party bus through Dick Hicks. We had the best time driving around to local bars and danced the night away. Those moments are something I will cherish forever. As life gets busier and most of the girls have since had babies, I realize these fun girls trips get a little bit more sacred.