Shell Lake Days

Being a new mom, it makes me think about memories that stand out in my own childhood and how can I implement those same memories with my own child. I can remember as a kid, we would always spend a week at my grandparent’s house in Northern Wisconsin, it was a week that my brother and I would look forward to all year. We would load up our bikes, helmets, suitcases and get dropped off for an ENTIRE week with grandma and grandpa. Immediately we would fall into a routine of playing bank, as grandma and grandpa had pretend money and checks we would play with. We would set the countertop up and be pretend tellers at our very own bank by night, but during the day….during the day we were out on the water.

I remember begging my brother to stop fishing, so he would swim with me—because I was secretly scared of fish biting me off the dock. I would wait patiently while he paddled around the bay, he could have been fishing all day, but after a lot of bickering back and forth he would finally give in and swim. We always had nice tan skin, as we would be running around outside for hours without a care in the world. Grandma always had a way and still does have a way of making even the simplest meals elaborate. She would make soup and sandwiches, but would typically have a plate of homemade banana bread or puppy chow ready for us. As I embark on this motherhood journey of my own, I want to create those same memories for my daughter- where going up north is a safe-haven, a place for all of us to be kids again without any care in the world.